Meetings - DAA Remote Attendance & Dialling In Guidelines

(Traditions 3 and 5)

We welcome all drug addicts to all our meetings. If you wish to remotely attend one of our meetings, you may want to read the following guidelines.

Before the meeting

  1. Contact the group or meeting to let them know you want to attend. You can find group and meeting details on the Meetings page. Inform them of your name and mobile phone number.
  2. A member of the meeting will let you know if they use Skype, Viber, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts to connect to their meeting. You will need one of these to attend remotely and we can help set this up for you.
  3. Make sure you are logged into Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Google Hangouts at least 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting start time, this is to allow time to resolve any technical issues well in advance of the meeting. We strongly suggest making a test call 10 minutes before the meeting.

During the meeting

Meetings may announce that they have a remote attender joining the meeting. Drug addicts who feel strongly about preserving their anonymity may feel uncomfortable about someone attending remotely in which case we will not be able to welcome you. Please be prepared for this.

Please do listen to the introduction/preamble at the start of the meeting. If like many of us, you have recovered from drug addiction and wish to share your recovery with the newcomer you are most welcome – please share in the normal way introducing yourself as a drug addict. This is at the discretion of the secretary taking the meeting.

If you are in need of help, we strongly suggest you listen to our meetings and asking for help when the meeting has finished. If you wish to do this discreetly, please ask to speak to the secretary or a homegroup member. They will be only too happy to help.

If the call is dropped, due to technical mishap such as temporary loss of internet connection please do try to re-join it when you can.

Groups - guidelines for how to enable remote attendance at your meetings

Each group would need ether a Skype Account a Google Account for Google Hangouts, Viber, or WhatsApp and be able to connect to Wifi or have a good 4G connection at the venue.

All remote attendees would NOT be on video call, only voice calls.

A group member will announce at the start of the meeting that 'Al F' (as an example) would like to attend the meeting remotely and ask if anyone feels at all uncomfortable about this to raise your hand and we will end the call or you can ask at any time for the call to be cancelled.

It would be up to each meeting if they will accept sharing from the remote attendees.

Remote attendance is only available to DAA members or newcomers at the group’s discretion. Anyone wishing to dial into a meeting would need to contact the group well before the start of the meeting.

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