About Drug Addicts Anonymous

Do you have a problem with drugs?

Are drugs a problem in your life? Have you tried to cut down, or stop altogether, but found you can't stick to your decision? Maybe you've tried to stop taking one particular drug only to find your use of another drug or alcohol rises out of control?

We know how that feels. We have had the same struggles; we sometimes desperately wanted to stop using drugs, as it was making life worse, but the thought of life without drugs was unbearable. We realised we were facing addiction and unlike some people, we couldn't overcome it using either our will-power, the help of friends and family or even professionals.

How we recovered from drug addiction

We each recovered from addiction through the 12 Step recovery programme in DAA. Not only has this freed us from drugs but also from the painful thinking patterns that were making us feel isolated and hopeless. We've found a way of living where we no longer depend on drugs to get through the day.

Who are Drug Addicts Anonymous?

We are recovered drug addicts who help others to find the same freedom. We are not linked with any government, law enforcement or religious bodies. Help from DAA is free and confidential.

How can you get help with drug addiction?

You too can go on to live a life free from drugs - you won't need to avoid "triggers" or temptation. All that you need to make a start is to have an open mind, to be honest with yourself, and be willing to try something new.

In their own words...

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