DAA South East Meetings


19:30 - 20:45'Big Book Awakening' (Big Book study)
The One Church
Gloucester place
East Sussex
BN1 4AA map
Contact:Brighton Helpline 07594 023210


19:00'Gratitude in Action' (Closed meeting, open on request.)
Cowley Road Methodist Centre,
(2nd side door on Jeune street)
OX4 1BN map
Contact:Olivia 07917 766062
Dennis 07407 140372
Oxford Helpline 07526 268573
Notes:If you can't see anyone outside just ring the bell and we'll come and let you in.


19:00 - 20:00'Keep it Simple - Primary Purpose Group' (Open meeting)
Cascade Coffee Shop
24 Baker Street
East Sussex
BN1 4JN map
This meeting accepts online remote attendance (click for more information)
Contact:Brighton Helpline 07594 023210
Notes:Free Parking
This meeting changed to Wednesdays from Thursdays - 20th March (previously at One Church)

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